AUTOi Statistics Suite

The AUTOi Statistics Suite gives your dealership, highly detailed automotive vehicle appraisal data at the click of a button. Using the vast array of car data available, aids you and your business towards achieving your goals and objectives. The continuous improvement of your business hinges on the use of data based decision making and gives you a competitive advantage over your competition. 

AUTOi gives you the ability to look for trends unique to your business and armed with this information you’re able to make fast, strategic decisions and ultimately sell more cars, more profitably. Ever wanted to know what part exchanges you’re dealing on most? AUTOi can give you this and then you can actively look to prospect owners of those cars.

All the reports are easy to customise and generate, all you need to do is select what you want to view, pick a date range and get your stats. All your dealership stats are displayed in easy to read graphs and can be downloaded to your desktop and printed off ready for your meeting.

Below is an example of some of the information that’s available to you within your AUTOi account. Simply select the information you want to view and then get your stats.